Assessment Procedures


​​​​All students will be provided with their own individual assessment calendar.  This can also be accessed via the student's OneSchool. 

In alignment with QCAA policies and procedures students are to ensure they are meeting their commitment to maintaining high levels of academic integrity.

It is the student’s responsibility to access their assessments and submit them on time via the correct process.  As a senior school we will now be using Safe Assign in the assessment process.  SafeAssign is a plagiarism detection software that allows students to check authenticity of assessment submissions.  

An electronic copy of the assessment is to be submitted to SafeAssign by 3.30pm on the due date AND a physical copy of the assessment is to be submitted to Senior School Department located in Q10 by 3.30pm on the due date.

Students will receive an email confirmation on receipt of their assessment submission to the Senior Schooling Department.

Students who do not submit a physical copy of their assessment item by the due date will have an automatically generated email sent home to parents/caregivers. 

Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments (AARA)

AARA are provided to minimise, as much as possible, barriers for students whose disability, impairment, medical condition or other circumstances may affect their ability to read, respond to or participate in assessment. These barriers fall into three broad categories of permanent, temporary and intermittent.

The process for applying for and implementing an AARA for senior students is managed by the following departments:

  • Verified Students are managed by the Inclusion Hub
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health are managed by the Guidance Officers
  • Illness, Misadventure and Other are managed by the Deputy Principal of Senior School
School-approved Absences
Students may engage in a range of learning experiences or activities that exist outside traditional school-based activities. These activities may involve prolonged absences from school, do not meet the requirements for AARA or illness and misadventure applications and may coincide with scheduled assessment periods.

Students are to use the "School-approved absence request" form if they have an activity that is going to impact an examination. Completing this request form does not automatically grant approval. Situations that are of the student's or parent/carer's own choosing (eg. family holidays) are not eligible for consideration. Please see the form for examples of school-approved absences.

If approved, the student will be required to sit a comparable assessment before the scheduled date.

Please note: This does not apply for assignments as students are required to submit on or before the due date for all assignments unless there is an approved AARA in place.

Last Updated: July 2022

Last reviewed 18 July 2022
Last updated 18 July 2022