Principal’s welcome


Hello, I am the very proud principal of The Gap SHS.This school has been supporting the education of this suburb and surrounding community for the last 60 years.

Since my appointment at the end of 2017 our school community has been having a significant growth spurt that has resulted in new buildings and the recruitment of extra staff to support this growth. 

During this time, I have been working in partnership and consultation with staff, students, parents and community in order to be able to respond quickly and effectively to this growth without forgetting our core purpose of growing all learners.  It is important to me as a leader that every student in our community has a strong sense of belonging and a feeling of connection to the school, the opportunities and their peers to support high levels of engagement in our community and in their learning so that all students can achieve their potential in all facets of life.

At The Gap SHS we believe in:  “Learners Who Flourish”.

The term “learners” encompasses all of us.  Our students, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents and community members.  I view The Gap SHS as a learning hub for our suburb and catchment area and our goal is to develop lifelong learning for all.

This belief is unpacked further by What We Value:

GHS070 We Value Poster_Green.jpg 

The enrolment of your child/ren at The Gap State High School is special to us and we aim to provide a range of learning experiences and opportunities to enable your child to develop and grow during their time at school.

The school has a history of consistently high Academic Achievement.  This includes unique programs including:  an Academic Honours program, Accelerated Music Program, Specialist Volleyball Program, Applied Positive Psychology, extensive Visual Arts subjects, supported by extensive camp and adventure travel opportunities.

At the beginning of 2019, our school opened the stunning STEAM building that takes pride of place at the schools frontage providing learning opportunities amongst state of the art facilities.

In 2020 the Honourable Minister, Kate Jones, officially opened our school gallery known as Tula Art Gallery.  This is a bespoke, unique facility in our school that supports The Arts and allows our students to be able to curate and showcase their art works authentically.

Our teachers constantly strive to provide the best learning environment and classroom experiences because they are strong believers in academic excellence and at the same time supporting student wellbeing through the Connect Program that focusses on Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness through the lens of Positive Psychology, a subject is accessed by every student across years 7-12.

We aim to provide an all-round education that also provides opportunities for those students who seek to broaden their horizons.  By participating in a range of additional co-curricular activities and by striving to improve skills, abilities and confidence, students find these undertakings help improve their academic and employability skills.

Our school offers many activities and encourages all students to become involved and actively participate.

We look forward to developing a strong partnership with your family as we develop a strong sense of community involvement within our school.

Anne McLauchlan

Last reviewed 18 October 2022
Last updated 18 October 2022