GP in Schools Pilot


​​​​​​​​​​​Helping students access the health care they need

We are very pleased to announce that The Gap State High School has been selected to participate in the GPs in Schools Pilot.

The pilot is part of the Queensland Government's Student Well-being Package. The initiative is designed to make it easier for adolescents in Queensland schools to access the healthcare they need.

The pilot will allow our school to set up a fit-for-purpose GP clinic on school grounds. This clinic will provide students with access to a GP one day each week, during school terms.

What services will the GP provide?

Our school GP clinic will offer secondary students the majority of services that young people are able to access from GPs in the community, including management of physical health, mental health, and sexual and reproductive health issues. The school GP clinic is not a vaccination centre.

Will there be a cost for students for students to see the GP?

All visits to the GP will be provided at no cost to students or their families. The GP will bulk-bill all appointments through Medicare, so it is important that students bring their Medicare card (or their Medicare number) with them to their appointment.

Our school clinic staff

Our school 's GP is Dr Dushyant Singh, a General Practitioner (GP).

Dr Singh was born in Amritsar, India, famous for Golden Temple. I always wanted to be a doctor and worked hard to enter medical school. 

Dr Singh_200.jpg

"I have been an excellent footballer and represented my team at the national level during my school time," said Dr Singh.

"After finishing Medicine, I worked in GP and Emergency, and after I came to Australia completed my fellowship in GP and continued to practice as GP with emergency skills in Australia. I love my work as a doctor and enjoy every day of my work. It comes with many challenges, and I still study and keep myself updated with new medical updates.  I have always found adolescent Medicine very inter​esting and have developed skills of instant rapport building, a highly essential skill in consulting with adolescents.

"I am pleased to be given the opportunity to be part of the GP in-school pilot program, and I see this as an excellent opportunity for me and service for the students."

Dr Singh will be supported by a Clinic Nurse. The Nurse provides care with kindness and compassion, always keeping the person as priority. ​

For more detail about our school's GP clinic, click on the fact sheets on the right side of this page.

Bookings can be made via the student referral form, students select GP when choosing a service.

Students will then need to complete the Urgent Care Registration Form with their Medicare details provided to them when their appointment is scheduled.

If you have any questions about the school GP clinic, please contact:

Miss Carolyn Speers

Deputy Principal- Wellbeing and Inclusion

Last reviewed 30 November 2022
Last updated 30 November 2022