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Year 7-8 iPad Information


iPad Specifications
  • iPad 5, 6, 7, iPad Pro
  • 9.7" Display Size or larger
  • 32 GB storage or higher
  • Protective case with inbuilt keyboard
  • Accidental Damage Protection recommended


2020 YEAR 7: BRING your iPad from Wednesday, Week 1 (Jan. 29th)

We highly recommend parents familiarise themselves with using Apple IDs, iPad restrictions, screen time restrictions and family sharing. We recommend parents manage the Apple ID and any purchasing of apps required. If parents do not wish to store credit card information against the student Apple ID they can use iTunes cards for purchases. 

A parent iPad Support session will be offered early in Term 1.

Please express interest by emailing the IT Helpdesk at​

2020 Preparation: 

Before Arriving at School.


1. You will need an iPad and Keyboard/Case - Check the specifications document to the right and on the BYOD page  The iPad Air 5 (Not available new, but 2nd hand) is currently the minimum spec.

iPad Mini's are considered too small for viewing and typing. We highly recommend and prefer a 9.7" tablet with an integrated keyboard case.

2.  Setup an Apple ID and possibly Family Sharing

3.  Set a Passcode (store securely as well) and also any desired Restrictions (PDF, 300KB). Set Screen time restrictions for home usage if desired.

4. Enable Find My iPhone/iPad App BEFORE coming to school in Settings via the Apple ID.

5. Download all the Apps requested: PDF in Links or directly via

6. Remove or time restrict games, social media and non-educational apps e.g. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, iMessage. This is especially important for students in a highly digital rich environment which can be distracting.

7. Put any personal apps in a designated folder. This is checked regularly by Connect Teachers and IT staff if required.

8. Only use iCloud at home as it doesn't work within school networks. It may be opened up at some point but until further notice we request iCloud is turned off at school.

Note: Dropbox and Google Documents are not  accessible at school for students.

However, OneDrive for Students is active at our school. This is the preferred storage place for student work. Microsoft Office Apps work especially well with OneDrive.

On Arrival at school.

YEAR 7: ONLY BRING your iPad from Wednesday, Week 1 (Jan. 29th, 2020)

1.  Get/Verify your school login credentials (username and password). This will be provided on arrival at school and new students will be assisted in tech assisted sessions with setting new network passwords and understanding the Wi-Fi connection process.

2.  Setup School Wi-Fi.  Your teacher and a tech if necessary will assist. Remove all other profiles from other schools/organisations.

3.  Finalise the settings for School Email using the iOS Mail app (Exchange Account).

Instructions: Setting up an Office 365 Email account

4. Test your BoxOfBooks Digital Texts Login (it will be created mid-January) - if you know your school login and password it should be ready.

BoxOfBooks - The Gap State High School SignInPage


For all enquiries please contact the IT Helpdesk at​

NOTE: This mailbox is only attended during office hours  in school terms(8:30am-5pm Mon-Fri)


Mr Roger Hallmond

Head of Digital Technologies/Information Services​

Last Updated, November 29th, 2019