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Year 7-8 BYO iPad Program

​​The Gap State High School launched a BYO iPad program in 2015 for Year 7 as part of a wider move to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in most Queensland state schools.  


YEAR 7: ONLY BRING your iPAD from Monday, Week 2 (Jan. 29th)

The program has been very successful so far and 100% of our Year 7 and 8 students have iPads. Daily usage includes: Student Diary & Planner, digital textbooks, taking photos, note taking, concept mapping, drafting, planning, report writing, making short movies, short formative assessments, polling, discussion boards, email, online course content (Stile Education), subject specific apps, e.g., Pre-Algebra, Calculators, Coding, Art, Music, reading eBooks and other creative and productive ways.

We highly recommend parents familiarise themselves with the latest information around Apple IDs and family sharing. We recommend parents manage the Apple ID and any purchasing of apps required. If parents do not wish to store credit card information against the student Apple ID they can use iTunes cards for purchases. 

In 2017 the BYO iPad program was extended to Year 9. However, families who wish to provide a Windows or Mac Laptop that meets the minimum specifications may also do so. In specialist classes we prefer students to have laptops however highly intensive computing classes will always be in school resourced labs.

Please note: Our Current Minimum Specifications for iPads have been upgraded to a 9.7" display size for any students arriving at the school from this point forward. The iPad must be capable of running iOS 11 and newer versions of core apps compatible with iOS 11

Older iPads will not upgrade to iOS 11. This causes problems with key apps used for core learning with digital texts and online resources.


Before Arriving at School.


1.  Source an iPad and Case  - Check the  iPad Specifications to the right. An Air 2 (even thought not available as a new device) is the minimum spec if you are purchasing an iPad for the first time.

iPad Mini's are considered too small for viewing and typing. We highly recommend and prefer a 9.7" tablet.

2.  Setup an Apple ID and possibly Family Sharing

3.  Set a Passcode (store securely as well) and also any desired Restrictions (PDF, 300KB)

4. Setup Find My iPhone/iPad App BEFORE coming to school using the app and iCloud.

5. Download all the Apps requested (see link to the right).

6. Remove all games, social media and uneducational apps e.g. Instagram, Facebook, iMessage.

7. Put any personal apps in a designated folder.

NOTE: If you have a refurbished iPad you could be asked to pay for Pages, Keynote, Numbers and iMovie. In this case use Microsoft Office apps for iPad  instead. They are completely compatible and easy to use.

8. Only use iCloud at home as it doesn't work within school networks. It may be opened up but until further notice we request iCloud is turned off at school.

Note: OneDrive, DropBox and Google Docs is not  accessible at school for students either

On Arrival at school.

YEAR 7: ONLY BRING your iPAD from Monday, Week 2 (Jan. 29th)

1.  Get/Verify your school login credentials (username and password). This will be provided on arrival at school and new students will be assisted in ltech assisted sessions with setting new network passwords and understanding the Wi-Fi connection process.

2.  Setup School Wi-Fi.  Your teacher and a tech if necessary will assist. Remove all other profiles from other schools/organisations. You will be shown and onboarded to the school BYOx Wi-Fi network.

3.  Finalise Office 365 School Email ( and Jacaranda Digital Texts if you haven't already.

4.  Setup Your School Diary (Setup Your School Diary (App4 Students) app for student and parent (App4 Parents) logins.  Year 7 Form Teachers will distribute initial student passwords and other information. Year 8, 9 and 10  students can reset their own passwords from the link below.

5. Learn at school how to use the Papercut Login to send and release printing. You will need your student card for this to save time.


App4Diary Help

​Parents and Students can reset their own Diary passwords by clicking on the following links and entering either their student eq email address or parent registered email.
Parents can also be added to student accounts via the Parents' page.
Accessing the Diary via a webpage:


Jacaranda Digital TextBook Login Reset


Feel free to email Mr Hallmond on with your questions.

Mr Roger Hallmond

Head of Information Services

Last Updated, January 24th, 2018