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Student services and support programs

Guidance officers

The Guidance Support Service is provided to schools to assist students to maximize their potential and to address their concerns with care and dignity. The Gap State High School is extremely fortunate to have a two very experienced and compassionate Guidance Officers Mrs Beth Steedman and Mr Steve Gilmore, with whom students and staff alike feel very comfortable to communicate. They have a range of responsibilities but students seek their counsel for a wide range of concerns.

A Guidance officer supports students with personal counselling in the following areas: grief; separation; family break-up and divorce; crisis; depression; anxiety; friendship concerns; medically oriented behaviour concerns; stress; self-esteem; bullying; victim behaviour; abuse; time management and study skills and interpersonal conflict management.  

Career counselling involves: working with class groups regarding their future options and assessment processes in Senior School; individually counselling students with regard to their specific subject selections; providing students with current career and course information; offering personality and interest based career computer programs; using an Australia-wide career and occupational database to assist in decision making and providing a post-secondary application service (QTAC). 

Educational counselling includes: assisting new students (especially from overseas and interstate) with appropriate placement; assessing students to determine their level of educational needs; providing support for students with special needs and liaising with Administration and other appropriate personnel to meet the individual educational requirements of students.  

Students can contact the Guidance Officers, who have an office in the Administration building, by making an appointment at the Student Counter or visiting them directly during one of the breaks. Parents are also more than welcome to contact the Guidance Officers regarding any concerns affecting their children. These appointments can be made through the Main Office.

Guidance Officer:                 

Mrs Beth Steedman      
Mr Steve Gilmore                                      

Phone: (07) 3511 3888 

Teaching and identification of students needing support

In line with the school's ideal of "Educating the whole person" the Gap State High School integrates students with learning needs. Students in the program are encouraged and expected to attend mainstream classes with support being offered. The type of support offered is dependent on the individual student's needs. The aim of the program is to allows students to develop a sense of purpose and confidence which allows them to claim, "Ours is the future".

Learning Support

Students are selected to participate in the program or referred to LAP (Learning Assistance Program) through:

  • classroom teachers;
  • Year Level Coordinators;
  • the Principal or Deputy Principals;
  • the Guidance Officer;
  • NAPLAN data;
  • primary school Learning Support teachers during the transition process;
  • high school Learning Support teachers during the transition process;
  • parents who request LAP for their child at interviews;
  • and on some occasions, the students themselves

Students are also identified by the LAP coordinator through analysis of students’ achievement data at key reporting junctures. This information allows The Gap State High School to recognise areas in which students may require support and assistance. Alternatively, students and parents can request enrolment in the program.

Students are withdrawn from class to attend a timetabled one-on-one or small group tutorial for one lesson a week. Students will work with dedicated staff within the school including the LAP coordinator, support staff and classroom teachers. Volunteers from the local community are also committed to supporting students and work as tutors in the program, under the supervision of the LAP coordinator. LAP offers assistance with general classroom workload, assessment tasks and focused tutorials designed to improve literacy and numeracy skills.

For further information please contact the LAP co-ordinator, For further information please contact the LAP co-ordinator, Mr Brad Taverlardis on (07)3511 3888 or via email