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iPads - Holiday Maintenance


​Students have had a very busy term and the holiday break is a good time for a iPad "Maintenance" tasks.

1. Download any apps that are still missing and requested by your teachers.

2. Before returning to school, re-organise folders, remove excess images, videos, selfies, games and other files.

3. Download any app Updates - particularly the diary and other core apps. iOS 10.3 is approved for school use.

4. Clean the screen and case.

5. Backup school work to a home computer, storage device or cloud service. Before returning to school please turn off iCloud as it can cause problems inside the school network.

6. Add a parent to the App4Diary. Either go via the settings in the App4Student App directly or use the browser link:


Have a great  break! And enjoy some non-screen time, digital/physical life balance!

Mr Hallmond

Head of Information Services.

Further information is available on the iPad page on this site.